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Who we are

SHIVYA Health Care is a brand that has come into origin after many years of research and planning to distribute precious ayurvedic medicines to the general public and made them accessible to all. There was a time when ancient sages had immense knowledge of herbs. They distributed their precious medicines in small newspaper pouches, often getting mixed or spoilt over time. However, modern Ayurveda needed to adapt to the modern world; providing proper information about the ingredients and effects of the medicine mentioned on the medicines. Mr Sahil Agarwal brought such a vision and launched the brand SHIVYA. SHIVYA Ayurveda was developed with the mindset to change the way Ayurveda is perceived; Shivya Ayurveda stands for authentic, tradition-based support for the modern lifestyle. Our resulted oriented approach helps provide solutions to those who seek an alternative wellness path. Our sole purpose is to make Ayurveda accessible to all. We use the highest quality plant-based ingredients, locally sourced, with no added preservatives. USP Factors: 40 years of learning and deep research taken to arrive at the right formulas.


In 1981:

A chance meeting between Sadhu RamKrishan Ji & Mr Madan Agarwal, (Founder) Near the Shiv Khori temple, the ancient caves of Lord Shiva (Western Himalayas) Sadhu RamKrishan Ji took him as his disciple; teaching Ayurveda and meditation for years.

In 1990:

A chance meeting between Sadhu RamKrishan Ji & Mr Madan Agarwal, (Founder)When Sadhu Shri Ram Krishan Ji left for his heavenly abode, his knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda was passed down Mr Madan Agarwal served the common people; shared medicines and knowledge, curing hundreds. His followers coming to his home and office Demand for seasonal medicines grew These herbs are only found at certain heights of the Himalayas, during certain months of the year His followers did not want to go back to allopathy due to the side effects associated with them Sahil Agarwal, his son grew up seeing his father work hard to serve the people Inspired by the love and healing, he gave up law and dedicated himself to learn about AYURVEDA from his father Taking up his legacy to help cure people./

In 1999:

Sahil decided to improve the process by applying his education with modern techniques He created and packaged Ayurvedic products to increase their shelf life Offering solutions on a mass level to benefit more people was the aim Constantly improving the quality of the products He set up a research laboratory to further enhance the efficiency of the medicines under the guidance of his father With the necessary permissions from the Ayush Mantralaya, SHIVYA Ayurveda was born

In 2021:

Today, the world is batting the worst pandemic of this century People are dying due to weak immune systems and a lack of quality medicines Spreading awareness about the value of Ayurveda and Yoga is Mr Sahil Agarwal’s main vision.